Winamp has not shutdown yet and lives past its 20th December deadline

David Parker December 25, 2013 1
Winamp has not shutdown yet and lives past its 20th December deadline


The popular media player is still available on the company’s website past its shutdown date sparking speculations about AOL being in serious talks with a company to acquire Winamp. A lot of behind the scenes activity seems to be happening at AOL and if sources are to be believed, AOL is in talks with Microsoft for acquisition of Winamp.

There is however nothing official yet and Microsoft is being speculated as a possible buyer.


Winamp was launched in 1990 and went on to become the most popular music app. With other music apps taking over, the popularity of Winamp declined over the years but the nostalgic appeal still lingers on.

In response to being probed by guys on Neowin via Twitter, Eddy Richman from the Winamp team stated that he would not be able to comment on the happenings at this stage but something was definitely cooking behind the scenes. He also said that he would inform via the @winamp account if something develops.

The speculations so far state that the Winamp site would stay for a while till the deal is finalized. Spokesperson from AOL has declined to comment on the matter.

Ingrid Lunden of Techcrunch (which is owned by AOL) had reported on the closure that the company is in talks with Microsoft to buy Winamp and Shoutcast, another media streaming company owned by AOL.

As the 20th December date neared we saw a lot of people discussing the shutdown of Winamp on the social media networks, blog posts, Twitter and Facebook. We also saw Spotify, a music streaming service announcing the release of Spotiamp, a tribute to Winamp.

Sources in the industry are confident that the deal is on the right track and would be finalized soon enough.

We shall wait for more developments to unfold and shall keep o posted on the same.

Were you nostalgic about Winamp being closed down? What are your views now that the acquisition talks are on? Do write to us with your views in the comments section provided below.

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  1. Richard Bailey  December 30, 2013 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    First of all the reason for win amp’s decline is always brought up is simple AOL never promoted it and actually cared less. It was always secondary to them. I can say one thing that true It beats Windows Media player’s butt and would be a good addition to Microsoft’s X box with Shout Cast and all the Radio stations. It would also be good image builder for Microsoft too. Yeah there are lots of Media players but there truly is only one Wimamp and the Visualizations from Milk Drop on Wimamp are unmatched by anyone in the industry.

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