Nokia’s dual-sim Lumia smartphone codenamed ‘MoneyPenny’ leaks in a screenshot

David Parker December 26, 2013 0
Nokia’s dual-sim Lumia smartphone codenamed ‘MoneyPenny’ leaks in a screenshot


Nokia’s first dual SIM Lumia smartphone code-named ‘Moneypenny’ is on its way to the mobile market and will be seen soon enough. This leak was reported by reputed leakster @evleaks on Twitter where he posted a screen shot of the home screen of the device.

The device is likely to fall under the budget range of Lumia series from Nokia. It is rumored to have 3G support for both the SIMs. If this is true, this device will be the first to have 3G support on both SIMs; generally devices with dual SIM have 2G support on one and 3G on the other.



The screen shot offers a sneak peek into what we can expect from the device:

  • It has onscreen navigation keys for Back, Start and Search- “hardware” buttons instead of the normal capacitive ones
  • The home screen has two network bars, which is a definite indication that it is a dual screen phone.
  • Both network bars indicate support for 3G network
  • There are two separate tiles for Phone and Messaging
  • It is expected to have a 4.5-inch display screen
  • It is rumored to feature a notification centre and a personal voice assistant

Evleaks was the first to tweet about ‘Moneypenny’ in November stating that a dual SIM device from Nokia powered by Windows Phone 8.1 is on the cards. The screenshot of the home screen seems to confirm the news.

It appears that Nokia may target the Asian markets where dual SIMs and budget phones are very popular. The time 6:30 on the image indicates that the phone is likely to be named Lumia 630; an interesting visual cue which may or may not be true.

Although there is no confirmed information on Nokia’s dual-sim smartphone,  sources reveal that it is likely to be priced at $130 when it is launched.

We shall keep you posted on the information once more details are available.  Like all the rumors we shall take this one too with a grain of salt and wait till official confirmation is received.

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