Evernote Adds to The List of Hacked Systems Like Facebook and Apple

Sara Cunningham March 12, 2013 0

This past few weeks, reports have confirmed that a number of the largest software companies have been victimized by cyber-attacks. Some of the companies were Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe and even Apple. Another software system was added to the list, the Evernote. It is a software that supports any type of operating system. It can run with Apple OS, Microsoft OS, Android, WebOS and even Blackberry. It is a software that is invented to archive notes and saving notes in a system. This type of software stores soft files and most of the time is used for personal information’s use. No wonder, it is one of the targets of the best hackers in the world.

According to one of the representatives of the company, a malicious activity was discovered in the system and did all the efforts to stop the hack. The experts of Evernote decided to conduct an automatic password reset. The attack was found to be aiming on the secured data or personal information of the users. The unauthorized activity was able to get the personal details of the users like the secured personal passwords, email addresses and usernames. However, the company did not find any track if the hackers were able to access the credit card information for payment and changes to the users’ accounts. Around 50 million users were affected and had to go through the password reset process.

Evernote Adds to The List of Hacked Systems Like Facebook and Apple

In a statement confirmed by CNET, the Evernote team was able to detect the attack on an earlier stage that made it faster to prevent it. The company believes that the same malicious activity has attacked other systems on the internet. The company is continuing to update its users about the attack through social media networks and sent emails. The company suggests that users need to imply very strong password and secure the system in the company’s end. The attack happened after the software revised its guidelines, policies and terms and conditions.

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