Facebook News Feed Revamp: Facebook’s Way Not to Follow Friendster

Sara Cunningham March 13, 2013 0

Almost everyone has Facebook and it isn’t just social media anymore. The social media network has touched lives and connected people away from each other. Some even found their partners using the network and also connected people who didn’t even know each other in the first place. We all find these updates on the Facebook News Feed. Everyone across the world is hooked on the social media network that even a little change will be recognized immediately.

In that case, Facebook started sending out invitations this week for the launch of the new face of the Facebook News Feed. The network last launched Timeline to the world and everyone freaked out for some time. There were reasons like: it’s not user-friendly, it’s hard to navigate and doesn’t look pleasing to the eyes. After a while, people eventually got over the issue and started loving it at the same time. The Facebook team also hosted a press conference last Friday about the change that is about to happen. The invitation is captioned as “Come see a new look for News Feed”. Everyone is wondering how new it is going to be and analysts don’t know what to expect as of the moment.

Facebook News Feed Revamp: Facebook’s Way Not to Follow Friendster

Since Facebook started in the year 2006, everyone who logs in and out of the network check on the Facebook News Feed first. The news feed is like the central processing unit of the communication in the network. We follow it to check on our friends near and far from home, we get to check who’s mad for the day and who had a great day. It could also be considered that Facebook is exerting all its efforts so it won’t follow the path that the late Friendster did. The network has an estimate of 1 billion users and it looks like it’s planning to have a major revamp on the news feed. Let’s just hope we won’t hear the same reactions like what everyone had on the Timeline.

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