Asus has plans to unveil 4,5 and 6 inch smart devices at CES 2014; the teasers are already out

David Parker December 30, 2013 0
Asus has plans to unveil 4,5 and 6 inch smart devices at CES 2014; the teasers are already out


Android smartphone and tablet manufacturer Asus seems to have big plans for the year 2014. And one of the most important parts of the company’s plan will be expected at CES 2014 where Asus will be unveiling not one, not two but at least three different smart devices!

We are about to start a new year and it’s now time for some new technology. Whether you like it or not, the devices that were released this year will soon become ‘old.’ Starting January 2014, a number of new smartphones and tablets will start making appearances on the internet, in events like CES and will soon be available for purchase in regions all around the world.


Asus has started rolling out teasers that give us an idea about what the company has planned for CES 2014. Asus will be one of the most important companies to look out for at CES 2014 that will be held from the 7th of January through the 10th of January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Before we continue talking about Asus and the devices that the company is expected to offer, let’s take a look at the two teaser videos that have already been posted on YouTube. Go ahead and check them out.

As you can see, the balls falling down from the sky have the numbers 4, 5 and 6. The best way to relate these numbers to smart devices would be screen sizes! So it would be safe to assume that these are the screen sizes of three of the devices (which could all be a part of the same family as well) that we will be able to see at CES 2014. So if you are into phablet, then Asus will most certainly have something for you and if you are one of those consumers who still feel that 4-inch is the correct screen size, Asus will have something special for you as well.

The second video shows us a convertible tablet that is expected to run on two operating systems – Android and Windows. We do not exactly know how this is going to happen, but we assume that the tablet will have a dual-boot system, and if this does happen to be true then Asus has a really good market to serve to. Who wouldn’t love to own a tablet that runs on Android as well as Windows?

By the way, Asus is just one of the companies that will be showing up at CES 2014, there are a number of other big players that will be there! Samsung, Sony, HTC and many others will be coming to CES 2014 and you can expect some ground breaking smart devices at the event. So be sure to check back in the first week of January, as we will have some more interesting updates for you.

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