Chinese hackers claim to have jailbroken Nokia Lumia 920

David Parker January 2, 2014 1
Chinese hackers claim to have jailbroken Nokia Lumia 920


Nokia Lumia 920 which runs on Windows Phone 8 has been allegedly jailbroken as claimed by hacker poandsou and Silen Tech. The duo release a released a video and photo of the handset demonstrating the jailbreak enabled Lumia 920. The handset showed three columns of tiles rather than two which can be enabled only after modifying the system registry.

The jailbreak brings along new ways of device customizations, registry editing, development and modification of low-level OS settings that only OEMs have access to. It could also allow user to install non-approved apps on the device through a third-party “store”.



As of now there is no information on how the jailbreak was accomplished. Wpcentral rightly points out that there is a possibility of the whole thing being bogus as it is easy to fake photographs. The details of the jailbreak method have not been released by the hackers to “prevent rampant piracy” but they have promised to make it public in subsequent messages.

Although the hackers claim to have a goal of making a Cydia-like open app store to emerge for Windows Phone to put an end to piracy, we are left wondering how an unofficial app marketplace will end piracy that too by jailbreaking a OS platform wide.

For techies, jailbreaking would be a fun thing to do but the truth is, not many buy the phone with the intention of devoting a significant amount of their time trying to hack or modify it.

Jailbreaking has been more popular with Android OS and is not really applicable to the Windows Phone community. But still this isn’t the first jailbreak for Windows Phone; a few years ago Chevron WP7 tool was available that allowed people to install homebrew apps on their Windows Phone handsets and Microsoft had even assisted in its development.

We shall know for sure soon enough how much smoke this alleged jailbreak claim seems to have. Right now all we can do is to wait till the details are made public.

What do you think of this Lumia 920 jailbreak? Do write to us with your views in the comments section provided below.

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