Best Buy with a limited time offer for the iPhone 5S

Jasmina Lozevska January 5, 2014 0
Best Buy with a limited time offer for the iPhone 5S

The holiday present giving period is already behind us, but Best Buy wants to bring their customers back with this limited time offer. This time, the iPhone 5S is on the line and you can find it available for $125. As you can see, this offer will make all those who haven’t bought anything for their close friends and family rush to Best Buy stores to use the opportunity and surprise them with the latest smartphone product by Apple. The previous price for the iPhone 5S offered by Best Buy was $75 more than this price. However, you got to hurry if you want to get the smartphone because this limited time offer ends on Saturday.

You can find this offer available online through the retailer’s official website and from Best Buy’s physical retail stores. All those who are interested into using the opportunity for this discount will find the 16GB iPhone 5S model for $124.99. This deal is valid only through 3 of 4 major carriers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. Along with the purchase, you must agree to the terms on the normal 2-year contract. Those who won’t buy the iPhone 5S, Best Buy still offers the iPhone 5C without a fee, but with a 2-year contract attached to it.

Best Buy

This is a really good opportunity for you to get the latest smartphone product from Apple. Many smartphone customers are waiting this kind of discount in order to get their desired phone. It’s an even better opportunity for those users which contracts are ending this month. They can renew their contracts and get the iPhone 5S for a discounted price.

You already know that Apple has released the iPhone 5S along with the budget minded iPhone 5C last year. The iPhone 5S came as the fastest smartphone ever released by Apple with some other additional and useful features. The security for this handset has been improved, features 2 processors, better camera, third color option and many other upgraded features. When all of this is mixed with the new iOS 7, you will get the perfect handset device. Apple followers and smartphone lovers have said that this smartphone is the best thing that ever came out from Apple.

Best Buy gave this limited time offer for the iPhone 5S. The next step is on you to take advantage of this offer. Hurry up.

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