Oppo Find 7 image leaked online once again; shows off the 2K resolution display and ultra thin bezel

David Parker January 4, 2014 0
Oppo Find 7 image leaked online once again; shows off the 2K resolution display and ultra thin bezel


New image of the Oppo Find 7 has surfaced on the Internet. The image gives us a close look at the display panel, which clearly gives out a lot of information about what we can expect from the device. The Oppo Find 7 is the upcoming flagship device of the company and intends to take on some of the best smartphones in the market.

The image spotted on the Internet shows us two front panels, one that placed in front of a Pepsi can and the other one that’s placed in front of a 100 Yuan bill. And just in case, if you haven’t checked out the image properly, you should know that the Pepsi can and the 100 Yuan bill have actually been placed on the backside (they aren’t image or wallpapers).

The words on the top of these two panels clearly say ‘Find 7,’ indicating that the panels belong to the upcoming flagship device. You can even see the cuts for the camera and other sensors etc., but the most interesting part is the ultra thin bezel on the panel.

oppo find 7

The bezel on the Oppo Find 7 is so thin that one will hardly be able to notice it when the display lights up. There are very few smartphones that sport bezels as thin as this one, and we don’t think any of them will be able to beat the Find 7.

Considering that Oppo makes no mistakes and no compromises with the design and hardware specifications of the Find 7, the smartphone is sure to be a hit! We hope that the device is as slim as possible but at the same time packs in a battery that will be able to last significantly longer. The battery has to at least match the performance delivered by the likes of Galaxy S5, LG G3 and more. Battery capacity might no be an issue for many of you out there, but it’s always good to have more juice.

So are you interested in the Oppo Find 7? Do you ever wonder why the device has been named as Find 7? What are the specs and features you are looking out for? Share your views and opinions in the comments section below.

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