CES 2014 sets the tech standards for the upcoming year

Jasmina Lozevska January 5, 2014 0

Everyone interested into newest technology has been looking forward to CES 2014. This event is the biggest among all technology-related events and always introduces amazing new products. Many analysts and people have said that CES 2014 will offer something new and probably things they haven’t seen so far. We are talking about smartwatches, better TVs, better show, auto technology, wearable tech, etc. Here are the highlights of what we could expect and see this year.

Everything should start in the evening. We will see some TVs that are fully Internet connected. In the last year, we’ve seen our TVs making connection with our smartphones, tablets and other products that can control them. CES 2014 will continue to follow that trend by expanding their reach to the other products at your home. The whole idea behind this is introducing something that will start before you even get home, for example, cooking. Think of this – you are sending a message to your coffee maker that it needs to start making coffee before you even get home. Everyone wants fresh coffee or their dinner ready when they get home, right?

CES 2014

Auto technology: huge auto makers will be presented at CES 2014. Tons of great auto products should be showcased there, incorporating popular and great music apps like iHeartRadio or Pandora. This year, CES is taking the auto tech to a new level, introducing ways for fully connected car. Ford will even introduce the environment saving car model and show their new solar-power concept for the future cars.

Wearable tech: It’s been a year since we were introduced to Google Glass. CES 2014 is looking forward to introducing more of these wearable gadgets, like ski goggles that display maps, sunglasses, some regular glasses etc. This year, CES will even introduce a Fashion Zone that will reveal smart clothing and wearable devices. Fashion lovers will see something that they haven’t met so far.

Bigger and better TVs: Just like last year and the year before, CES is considered to be a major TV introduction show. CES 2014 will be dominated by TVs again. LG and Samsung will introduce 100+ inch TV sets. Many other companies will reveal their next generation of 4K TVs that will be more affordable. New HD TV formats will be also revealed that will have that place right between HD and UHD.

Overall, great CES 2014 event is ahead of us and we are looking forward to seeing some innovative products that will hopefully, mark the upcoming year.

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