Apple’s Latest Purchase – camera app developer SnappyLabs

Jasmina Lozevska January 5, 2014 0
Apple’s Latest Purchase – camera app developer SnappyLabs

Apple is a company known as a tech player that always wants to improve its services. In order to stay on top, they have now acquired another small service called SnappyLabs. This camera app developer is still in its startup period of time and Apple wanted to use all the developers involved in this startup to improve their future products. This indicates that the next products coming out of Apple will feature better camera app or in near future we all will receive iOS upgrade that will be strictly for the camera. These are only the predictions, but as you already know, nobody is acquiring a company if they don’t mean to use its strength.

Before it was announced that SnappyLabs will become a part of Apple, SnappyCam (the camera application) has disappeared from the world. Many people have been leaving comments like “where did it go”, and there was noone to answer these questions. Alongside the disappearing of the application, the official website of the company has gone completely blank. After the sources did their magic and got all the information, it was announced that SnappyLabs was bought by Apple.


SnappyLabs was under the radar of many other tech giants that wanted to start using their developers for improving the camera app, but Apple made it to the end. The terms of the deal is still undisclosed and neither Apple nor SnappyLab have revealed details about the acquisition.

Based on the analysts’ opinion, Apple is about to make another breakthrough in their photography technology. We already saw several improvements with the iOS 7, but it seems that Apple wants even more. This is how it is, big companies like Apple are always buying the smaller companies and their teams are blending in on specific company areas. Maybe a new product is cooking in Apple’s oven, but we will stick to the plan for improving the camera application on their already released products.

There will be lots of rumors and speculations circling this purchase and we will try to cover them all. We are also looking forward to see your expectations of this acquisition and what would this mean for a company like Apple. If you want to share your opinion for this, please use the comments section bellow.

In a world where photography became the main feature for the smartphones, making this kind of investment could really pay off on a longer term.

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