5.7-inch iOS Phablets From Apple: Are They Gonna Be Real?

David Parker January 6, 2014 0
5.7-inch iOS Phablets From Apple: Are They Gonna Be Real?


Phablets are in for good. When Samsung came up with their phablet devices, critics were worried whether the big-sized models would get market acceptance or not. Popularity of their phablets led to more versions, and the market is full of phablet owners these days. With the initial hitch gone beyond recognition, more companies are now moving into phablet creation. The latest brand to join the bandwagon is the very famous Apple. According to a recent publication in the Japanese version of Yahoo News, the brand is planning to come up with its own set of phablets.

The expectations of Apple lovers have definitely gone up after this news spread like wildfire. Not many of them were happy to see their friends sporting Samsung phablets, while their favorite brand was sticking to more suave and smaller designs. From inside sources, the media has also got to know a few details like, the upcoming A8 chipset is not going to be included in the big phone series. Rather, the big iPhones will have the same A7 chipsets that were used inside the iPhone 5S.

Apple Launches iPhone 5S Today, Rumors to Be Confirmed 1

Experiencing the smoothness of iOS on 5.7 inch screens is definitely an experience even critics of the brand will look forward to. If these rumors are what they promise to be, then well, we are going to see a new-age dawn in Apple’s market share. We say this because it is indeed true that the brand has been missing out on the patronization of that section of the market that loves big screens on their smartphones.

So, here we are! Smart 5.7 inches phablets coming in from Apple will definitely be a shocker for Samsung, which has been enjoying heightened market response since the launch of its Galaxy Note series. Coming up next in Apple’s releases are the iPad Pro that is to be released in March, the iPhone 6 that is to be released in September, and the new set of big iPhones that is said to be announced sometime in May.

The news has created suspense for critics and competitors alike, just like it has created interest in people who love iOS. Which side are you on?

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