Corning announces the 3D Gorilla Glass to protect your curved displays

David Parker January 7, 2014 0
Corning announces the 3D Gorilla Glass to protect your curved displays


The Gorilla Glass from Corning has attracted much more media attention than it was originally predicted to achieve. According to the company’s spokesperson, Corning’s latest solution to protect curved glass surfaces and displays has been launched and is known as the 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass. The 3-D glass is designed to take care of curved surfaces and keep them protected from scratches, exterior damage, shocks, bumps and breakage. Although Corning is well known for its wonderful glass protection products, with the 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass, the industry has taken notice of the marketing capabilities of this brand.

Do You Really Need A 3D-Shaped Gorilla Glass?

The latest announcement of Corning’s Gorilla Glass has created ripples in the tech industry, one that is full of smartphones, smart-watches and hand-held devices using a glass display. Remember, if you are buying a new watch that has a curved surface, the traditional glass protectors that were used to cover and protect your old watch will not work on this. Instead, you will need a curved covering that matches the design of your watch, to protect it accurately. Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass is developed in what is called a 3D-shape. Basically, these 3D shapes refer to curved surfaces that need to fit into various style of curved surfaces. As of now, there is no set standard in the world of curved glass surfaces. Therefore, Corning faces a huge challenge in terms of being able to deliver what it promises for different phone and watch models.

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Clever Timing Corning!

The announcement has come at the right time. We say this because most of the tech gadgets that are going to be released in the next wave may have a curved display. From phones to phablets, from watches to car compasses, you will see curved surfaces all around you within the next one year. Corning has predicted the need that arises every time someone is stuck with an exposed curved glass surface. There is no doubt that this clever judgment of facts and timely announcement of the new Gorilla Glass places the brand on the top priority list of gadget lovers and manufacturers. Time will tell us if Corning will be able to prove its worth in its new venture of providing techies with curved Gorilla Glass.

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