Samsung may ditch Super AMOLED for Sharp’s LTPS LCD Display in the Galaxy S5

David Parker January 7, 2014 0
Samsung may ditch Super AMOLED for Sharp’s LTPS LCD Display in the Galaxy S5


After the whooping success of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 smartphones, what we all are awaiting is the Samsung Galaxy S5 to explore its new features and technologies. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 like we all know is known to have the best smartphone display of the year with its Super AMOLED technology, which is known for the brilliance and impressive clarity of its images even on a sunny morning.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Sharp’s 2K Ultra HD LTPS Technology
But the rumors we have been hearing give us a different view. According to the Chinese website Tencent, Samsung is reportedly experimenting with a new technology for the display of its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S5. Samsung may outsource displays from Sharp for the new Galaxy S5 which work on a completely different manner when compared to the Super AMOLED technology.

Sharp’s display will employ the Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) LCD display mode on a 5.25-inch screen and will bring an eye-popping resolution of 2K Ultra HD for the Samsung Galaxy S5. This will bring the pixel density to an unheard of 560 ppi.

Samsung Electronics - Combining Its Camera and Smartphone Divisions

The sudden change from the usual Super AMOLED displays that Samsung uses in its flagships is reportedly because of certain problems encountered with the production of its 2K Ultra HD AMOLED screens and the claims even prove that there won’t be ample amount to meet the expected demands of the Galaxy S5.

Why this Deviation?
Samsung had picked up 3 percent stake in Sharp last year in March and this order may actually turn out to be beneficial to Samsung too. Sharp is already known to contribute to the production of IGZO panels for the leading Apple phones and tablets.

At this moment, nobody can trust these rumors since some sources have also confirmed that there may be two models: one featuring the Super AMOLED display and another would be using Sharp’s 2K Ultra HD LTPS technology. It is indeed quite strange for Samsung to deviate from its usual signature of Super AMOLED.

Nothing can be conclusively said about the Samsung Galaxy S5 based on the rumors until its official launch, which is going to be very soon in the month of February.

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