Roku to Sell Smart TVs Produced By TCL and Hisense

Jasmina Lozevska January 7, 2014 0
Roku to Sell Smart TVs Produced By TCL and Hisense

If you thought you need some changes in your living room involving new Smart TVs, Roku is here to make things right. According to the official sources, this company is about to update its game and bring some new inventions in the TV market. This company is about to replace its top TV boxes with Smart TVs. These machines will be manufactured by Hisense and TCL and the manufacturing field will be United States. The production of these Smart TVs is expected to start this fall.

The Internet TV Company thought about this few years earlier. They lacked that final touch of the strategy that will get them going. Following its dreams and setting up a goal for becoming a successful Internet enabled TV will lead them to a great success.

Roku starts the whole idea with a great advantage over other smart TVs. This major advantage is the built-in apps. It seems that these applications are really difficult to deal with in other Smart TVs. I can’t say that they aren’t useful, but they are slow to react and not so intuitive. However, Roku could use its efficiency and functionality to become a really big name in the TV industry, which represents a growing market. They have the power and the only thing that remains is using it on the right way.


According to the first speculations, all Internet applications that you usually use will be included in your TV rather than forgotten in some external box. If you consider that Roku made its big name only from selling boxes, this big shift could be a new move for them and big chance to achieve their final goal reaching the living room of every household. However, this goal has its other side and the move could easily bring the company down to the lowest level and kill it really slowly.

The biggest question for this move will be the price of these smart TVs. Keeping on mind what has Roku done for the Internet TV industry,y there is no doubt that they will be competitive enough, but the price will also need to be in that mid-range. Setting mid-range price will satisfy the customers’ needs and make Roku get into as many rooms as possible. It seems that the biggest role model for this is Android, and not Apple.

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