Day 1 roundup: CES2014

Jasmina Lozevska January 7, 2014 0
Day 1 roundup: CES2014

It’s the first day of the worldwide famous technology event CES2014. Right from its start, we had the opportunity to see many great devices unveiled there. If you take that this is only the beginning of something great, you can only imagine what we will see in the next few days. There were many devices revealed in front of us and we will cover everything you need to know from day 1 at CES2014.

Samsung BMW smartwatch

You probably know that Samsung already entered in the smartwatch business with its Samsung Galaxy Gear. They took their market to another level by revealing a new BMW application that integrates with the smartwatch. It was officially announced by BMW that their new electric car will have a special application feature that will bring live to the integration between the car and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. BMW i3 drivers will gain the opportunity to check how much battery the car has left or even send the right navigation route right to their car using only the BMW iRemote Application.

LG’s TVs

In our previous posts, we already said that we could expect bigger and smarter TVs from LG. This company has revealed 15 brand new TV lines for this year. On top of these lines, you can place the other 3 OLED lines previously announced and you will count 18 new lines for 2014. 4 of these will be with Ultra HD resolution, 7 will feature an LCD technology and the rest of them will be original HD plasma TVs. As it seems, LG is ready to take over the leading place right in front of Samsung’s eyes.


Kolibree smart toothbrush

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Brushing your teeth will never be the same after this year’s CES2014. French startup company Kolibree has brought to life the first smart toothbrush. It has really sleek design and it’s clearly made by following the latest fashion trends. This electronic toothbrush has its own selling point and that is the ability to track the clean level of your teeth. It also has the ability to show you the right way you should brush your teeth. For all those who are just a little bit more worried about their dental health, they can even take this application and show the brushing results to their doctor for getting more information about their health.

Home tech

New home tech will get you closer and show your loved ones that you care more about them. has revealed their Wellness Program here at CES2014 which monitors the elderly well-being. The whole system is made to provide real-time information on all of your loved-ones without using intrusive cameras. The analysts have already said that this is like having the Big Brother show just without the cameras. It uses various monitors, panic buttons and motion sensors that will help it track the movement and alert all users of any routine changes.

This was a great start and we are already looking to the next day at CES2014.

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