Intel introduces Charging Smart Bowl – meet this Genius Invention

Jasmina Lozevska January 8, 2014 0

Intel has managed to reveal many great inventions, but it seems people have been attracted by this large smart bowl revealed by this company. We all have been used to those large bowls that sit in our kitchen, the dining room or the hall, where we put everything we hold in our hands. You are putting things that you haven’t found the perfect place for them starting from keys, matches, rubber bands, mail, promotion menus and to everything comes to your mind at this moment. CES2014 started with some great inventions and Intel just continued their work with something new and so innovative.

So, your question now must be what makes this smart bowl so special?

Smart Bowl

It can fit all those stuff we mentioned earlier, but it comes equipped with additional feature. At this conference held in Las Vegas, Intel has decided to bring to life their smart bowl that changes this situation right from the ground. Meet the wireless charging bowl by Intel! When the battery of your iPod, smartphone, Fit-bit, earpiece or any other gadget gets drained, the right place for it would be the bowl. You can later pick it up fully charged and without the need for you to plug into those boring charging connectors. You can say goodbye to all of those wires, plugs, jacks and sockets. They are replaced with a smart bowl.

It doesn’t matter if you put your gadget along with all of those junk non-technological objects and pick it up charged later on. Watch out your keys to be distanced from your gadget because you won’t want to get it out covered in scratches. The whole, so called, irony of this is that Intel’s CEO has revealed so many interesting and new life-changing tech innovations when he took the stage yesterday. He revealed brand new PC that has the size of simple golf ball, the end of conflict materials usage from the war zones in Africa in Intel’s products and many others.

However, people won’t be what they are now if they don’t stick to something simpler and more useful. After the bowl was announced, it seemed that all people’s faces there have changed and they weren’t listening to any other tech innovation which was revealed after the smart bowl. This bowl has a really sleek design, very simple and amazingly useful. Intel hasn’t imagined that this smart bowl will attract so much attention and gave only few product details about it. Even that Intel raised our hopes and made us only imagine how useful will this be, the final statement about this smart bowl is that it’s only a prototype and not an actual product. However, this smart bowl have raised huge attraction from all people who had the opportunity to see this prototype and I can bet that it will soon became a real product.

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