Scale that helps you to get rid of accumulated Christmas calories

Jasmina Lozevska January 8, 2014 0
Scale that helps you to get rid of accumulated Christmas calories

The Christmas calories – who loves them really? I think Christmas is the only holiday where we allow ourselves to eat a little bit more, not feeling guilty at all. With a good old sentence: it’s holiday time, after this I’m on a diet, going to visit the gym more often etc. It’s time to face the reality ladies and gents, the holidays are over, so it’s gym time!

We discovered the Runtastic Libra Scale with Bluetooth in it, which will help you to burn those calories down. Beside the ability of reading of what weight you are currently at, can you imagine that this Libra will help you to have the desirable weight.

With a design of glass-covered top, stripes in a racing style across and a silver Runtastic logo shining, this libra it is also very smooth. Only 3 AAA batteries are needed, we still haven’t tried how much will they last during using the scale, but with the Bluetooth in it, could be a fair cost.

To use it like it should, you’ll have to connect with an IOS device, a Bluetooth 4,0 or IPAD 3rd generation can be used for the scale, too. It could serve you perfectly, but a connection with IOS is recommended, because scale’s power comes with the connectivity of the application.

More benefits you have with a longer use of this gadget. What makes this scale an exception among the others, is that the scale will save your weight, representing you on a graph, and showing whether you have a progress or not during the time.

Beside measuring and tracking your weight, tells your some other composition of our body like: the index of your body mass, body fat, the mass of your muscles, how much water you have in your body and the body mass.

From the tests that’ve been made, comparing with electronic calculator for body fat and the Libra Scale, the Libra won the competition, giving you totally different readings, motivating and helping you to achieve your goals.

When you connect your Libra with iOS , with the help of the Runtastic accounts, is creating an ecosystem on your device of iOS, encouraging a healthier lifestyle. It will help you focus on what really matters – the weight, the progress and your goals.

With a good price of only 130$, this gadget is a good investment for not just burning your Christmas calories, but also keeping you on a healthy track.

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