Tu Go Application Is Now Free To O2 Subscribers in The U.K.

Sara Cunningham March 14, 2013 0

In the United Kingdom, subscribers of the O2 are privileged enough to enjoy VoIP on their Smartphones and tablets as well. VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol is a service that will make someone make outgoing calls and receive calls on a computer device for free. The best example of this service would be Skype, equal and even MagicJack when plugged into the internet. It is a mobile network in the United Kingdom that distributes different leading brands of mobile devices. It could be best compared to Sprint or T-Mobile in the United States.

O2 finally announced today that it is offering its VoIP service to its subscribers. It will allow its paying customers to receive and make calls over the internet using their devices. The service can even let the user make a call even when offline, as long as it has a wireless connection running. The service is only available for Android and Apple users. At the same time, the VoIP service will also run on a Windows 7 computer, this means the service can also work on laptops and desktops.

Tu Go Application Is Now Free To O2 Subscribers in The U.K.

The Tu Go application users by O2 will also enjoy the same type of service in any of their tablets and smartphones. As long as the user is using the application, free calls and messages will still be available. The good thing about the Tu Go application is that, once the user receives a message or a call, it will appear on all the devices the application it has been installed. It’s a good thing since it means there is no way for a user to miss any important news that may come up anytime. Like any other application, it will allow the user to access their conversation threads, call history and other saved files.  The application is now available on all Apple devices and Android devices as long as it’s running Android 2.3.1 and above and on computers using Windows 7 systems.

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