Windows and Android dual OS strategy being pushed by Intel and AMD

David Parker January 9, 2014 0
Windows and Android dual OS strategy being pushed by Intel and AMD


A new technology is going to knock the doors of tech market very soon. And very soon, there would be PCs available in the market that could switch between two operating systems without a reboot. This technology is given the name of “dual OS platform” and as the name indicates, two popular operating systems could be run on a single system and switched rather easily just by the push of a button without rebooting. The two operating systems would be Android and Windows 8.1. This is certainly a new innovation by Intel and AMD; let us discuss more about it in this article.

The news has been confirmed at the CES 2014 but Intel has not yet said much about how Android and Windows will collaborate with each other, but still it is an interesting initiation by Intel and its OEM partners. Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience Android on your Windows PC?

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AMD’s partner– BlueStacks too would enable the users of PCs to run apps from the Play Store on the Windows platform.

It is the general perception that Android is a mobile operating system and nothing more, but developers have indicated that Android has a real role on a fully functioning desktop PC. There is one device also announced at the CES 2014 that currently supports this facility of two operating systems on a single machine – ASUS Transformer Book Duet. This device allows its users to change operating system from one to another with the push of a button, especially designed for the purpose.

According to AMD, both Windows and Android, are mature OS and many users use either of them for different purposes. But, both the operating systems are device specific. If they could both be collaborated on a single machine, not only would users find it convenient, but it would also open many new doors for developers and manufacturers at the same time.


We need to see how much a seamless experience would it be to see both the systems work together. Till then we will reserve our judgement. But one thing is for sure, all the apps- gaming, communication, etc. that are available only on Android OS could also be enjoyed on Windows PC’s if this really takes off. The need of the hour is dual operating systems and companies like Intel and AMD are working hard to make it come true.

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