Intel Unveils Edison – an SD card-sized computer

David Parker January 9, 2014 0
Intel Unveils Edison – an SD card-sized computer


Have you ever wondered that a whole PC would be available in the size of a small SD card? If not, then Intel has made it a fact. This new device has been given the name, Edison. The CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich said at the Intel CES conference that this is going to be a full Pentium class PC. This article discusses the specs and features of Edison.

The Edison is powered by a dual core 400 MHz Quark SOC which means that this tiny package is going to perform well regardless of its size and shape. Other features in this tiny package include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too. It is believed that this computer would be released with Linux as the in-built operating system.

intel edison

The amazing thing about Edison is that it brings with itself Intel’s own app store which has been designed by Intel for this little PC in particular. Also, the device would have a special version of Wolfram.

This device has been built keeping in mind the developers and tinkerers and not the general users basically, so, it is not yet known whether this device would be available for sale to general consumers. If it happens, the Edison would be just like the Raspberry Pie. Hence it is hoped that the Edison would do as good as Raspberry Pie is doing.


This idea has been demonstrated by the “Nursery 2.0” concept. In the conference, the computer was revealed with a Mimo Onesie outfitted along with the Edison. And, to amaze the world, the Edison was able to track the environmental temperature and indicate whether it was perfect for the baby or not. These stats were available on a coffee mug for everyone to see. If the colour was green and the face was happy, it indicated that the baby was fine and a sad red face depicted that the baby is not comfortable and the temperature needs to be adjusted accordingly.

edison-mimo-onesie   edison-bottle-warmer-coffee-cup

Another concept depicted in the conference was that Edison could warm up a feeder whenever the baby needed a meal. In this concept, the baby just moved here and there crankily, which gave signals to the Edison that the baby is hungry and it should start warming the bottle.

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