Track your life with the wearable Core Smartband by Sony

David Parker January 9, 2014 0
Track your life with the wearable Core Smartband by Sony


Do you want to track each and every aspect of your life? It could mean tracking the time duration of all your activities- sleeping, eating, brushing your teeth, bathing, talking on phone, jogging, exercise, watching T.V., checking out your mails, messaging your friends, browsing web and so on. If that sounds unrealistic to you, please read on. Sony has introduced a new wearable through which, it would be possible to keep track of the above mentioned things. This wearable is given the name – the Sony Core Smartband.

Sony claims that this device would track your life perfectly and hence, the company has nicknamed this wearable as the “life-tracking” device. At the moment, it is not yet revealed by the company whether this device would be compatible with any mobile phone or you would need a Sony phone exclusively to track your life. This wearable would directly connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth. From your normal workout routine to any special interaction, this device would always be there with you, tracking each and every aspect of your life.

sony core smartband

And at the end, the time you spend doing all your things would be represented in a grid pattern. You would be able to evaluate where you are spending most of your time and if you need any modification in your general schedule or not. Even if your smartband disconnects from your smartphone temporarily for some reason, the band would continue evaluating your life and would transfer the data to the handset once it is connected to the smartphone again.

Also, this core smartband is the smallest gadget by Sony. The Sony Mobile President and CEO Kuni Suzuki remarked the core smartband at the Sony’s CES conference as – “the tiniest gadget Sony has ever made!” According to him, health tracking devices were there in the market already, but he wanted to create something new, which could keep a track of social and entertainment life of the person also.

In the recent months, this gadget surely seems to be the most thoughtful one that we have seen being introduced in the tech world. What do you think?

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