Tablets Shown off at CES 2014

Jasmina Lozevska January 9, 2014 0
Tablets Shown off at CES 2014

The big expectations for CES 2014 are slowly becoming reality. It started with some great inventions like new TV sets, Intel’s magnificent new technology along with the smart bowl etc. It’s time to see what the future holds in the tablet industry. This year’s technology show has already revealed two new Samsung tablets, the Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro, and several new Asus products. Every one of you who is a tablet fan already saw all the details for these tablets, but have you seen the others that were revealed alongside them? – If you didn’t, here are the tablets that you need to seek for in future:

Snakebyte Vyper: 3 in 1 gaming and home tablet

This tablet that has been revealed here runs on Android and it will be released on the market on January 31. It comes equipped with a remote controller that will enable you to connect it to your TV and a docking station.

Toshiba Excite 7

All those who were seeking a tablet with great price and bigger memory space, Toshiba Excite 7 are for them. It has a very competitive price and microSD slot for expanding the memory.

Asus laptop/tablet Transformer Book Duet TD300

This 2 in 1 tablet/laptop can be found running on both Android and Windows 8.1. It features 13.3-inch screen and it was revealed at CES 2014. It has respective performance that is boosted by its i7 processor helped with 4GB of RAM. It comes with 128GB of storage.

Acer Iconia B1-720

Acer has used CES 2014 to reveal their new budget minded tablet and launch it on the market. This tablet has only slight improvements from its predecessor.

CES 2014

Asus VivoTab Note 8

Samsung just got its competitor with the stylus pen based tablet. The Vivotab Note 8 represents a Windows 8.1 device that comes with stylus pen and Wacom digitizer.

Alcatel 3G and LTE tablets

Alcatel got into the market tablet strong with two new tablets. Its Android based One Touch Pop 7 and 8 will include cellular connections.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro

Both tablets that left a mark with its features and dimensions. The first one features better graphical interface boosted with better performance and upgraded features while the second has been made bigger and brings the “game” closer to replace the laptops more than ever before.

Which one would you pick?

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