Amazon Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction – Kindle Fire $30 Off

Xavier Kade January 10, 2014 0
Amazon Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction – Kindle Fire $30 Off

Amazon, the retail giant well known by most people, has announced today the exciting news of their being voted as No.1 in customer satisfaction for the year of 2013.  To thank its customers, Amazon is putting all their Kindle Fire tablets on a $30 off sale for a limited time, with coupon code MAYDAY30.

Amazon, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online bookstore, is nowadays familiar to almost all of us, for its wide range of product selection, top notch customer service, innovations in a variety of fields, and more. The voting was conducted by ForeSee, a pioneer company in the industry of customer experience analytics. According to their latest report – The ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): 2013 U.S. Retail Edition,  Amazon was ranked top of the list in terms of customer satisfaction. The report is the result of 67,600 surveys conducted between Nov. 29, 2013 and Dec. 17, 2013 among general consumers asking about their satisfaction with the top 100 retailers.  In addition to customer satisfaction score, the report also includes other measures like retention score, future purchase intent score, etc. While Amazon is getting the highest score of 90 for customer satisfaction, its performance in other metrics is also impressive and well above average.

Amazon Rated #1

To celebrate this feat, Amazon, well-known for the fact that it highly values its customers, is bring up the special $30 off offer to all its Kindle Fire tablets. Kindle Fire is a highly rated series and it is regarding by many as the real iPad competitor, or even the winner to the latter.  With its attractive pricing, top-grade display, long battery life, potent hardware, and all other great features, it has received lots of positive reviews and seen good sales.

For those who loves Amazon, or Kindle, don’t hesitate – take this chance to buy your Kindle Fire with $30 off. As per Amazon, just enter code MAYDAY 30 at checkout and voila!

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