Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to arrive in the Market by April 2014 with iris scanning

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to arrive in the Market by April 2014 with iris scanning


One year ago, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in the market. Expectedly, this year is the turn of their next flagship, the Galaxy S5. With the leaks of Apple’s iPhone 6 slowly starting to surface, it becomes all the more important for Samsung to launch Samsung Galaxy S5 as soon as possible.

Samsung has already started giving hints about this new device. It was in a Bloomberg News interview that that Samsung’s executive vice president Young-hee Lee was answering the questions of reporters, and he said that the period of March-April is the time when the flagship models of Samsung had been previously launched in the market and hence, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S5 would be released somewhere in this period only.

The design and appearance of Samsung Galaxy S5 would be completely different. Samsung decided this long ago, as the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 could not excite the customers much. When reasons were asked, they all said that its appearance was similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3. So, this time, it had to be different. The display screen of the device would be the most focussed feature, and the outer design is definitely going to change for the best.

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In the past too, there were news that Samsung Galaxy S5 would come with a metal chassis instead of plastic as it was in the previous models of the Galaxy S series.

Another astonishing thing that Mr. Young-hee Lee pointed to was the iris scanner feature that may be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S5. This would be a completely new feature and using this feature, nobody except you would be able to unlock your phone. Samsung understands that there are so many people out there who believe that this is a killer feature and may change the course of the smartphone industry. However, the development team of Samsung is still studying the feasibility of this feature. Rumours suggest that the iris scanner feature is Samsung’s response to Apple iPhone 5S’ fingerprint scanner feature.

Apart from Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung is also planning to launch a new Galaxy Note phablet and a less bulky Gear smartwatch around the same timeframe.

What are you thoughts about the possible metal body and iris scanning feature on the soon to be launched Galaxy S5? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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