Razer unveils a fully modular gaming PC project, the Christine

David Parker January 10, 2014 0
Razer unveils a fully modular gaming PC project, the Christine


Razer is currently working on project Christine, and the special thing about this project is it is a never-seen-before gaming PC. When the outcome of this project, a fully modular gaming PC, would actually arrive in the gadget market, we believe that the gaming freaks would freak out even more.

The mere appearance of Project Christine is believed to resemble the Thermaltake’s groundbreaking Level 10 chassis, which was there in the market a few years back only. However, when you go deep into the matter, you realise that things are not same. Project Christine is much more advanced than Thermaltake’s groundbreaking Level 10 chassis. Razer believes that it is not just a PC but also much more than that. The PC is modularised in such a way that even if you know nothing about the technicalities of a computer, you can customise it as per your needs, gaming needs, to be particular.

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Even the hardware part of the PC is built in the form of modules. If you need lesser amount of storage, you can remove a storage module and in case you need more, you just have to do the opposite, add another storage module. If you want more gaming horsepower, what you can do is add an extra graphic card module to the device. This way, you can manually upgrade the system, and you need not buy a whole new PC if the previous one does not fulfil some of your needs.

The device is built using the PCI-Express architecture and all the components/modules of the system are automatically synchronised by using the plug and play technique.

Another good thing that was observed is the built-in liquid cooling technology. This technology uses mineral oil for its operation. Apart from this, noise isolation is also provided. So, you would get a quiet gaming machine without going through all the hassles of setting up a custom water-cooling solution. According to Razer, this technology is going to save a lot of waste, as gamers would be able to swap out the modules they do not need anymore and buy new ones in place of them.

Currently, Project Christine is just a project but the CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan is trying his best to turn this concept into reality if there is enough excitement at CES.

Source: Razer

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