Apple vs. Google Patent Case Ends with Apple Winning

Jasmina Lozevska January 12, 2014 0
Apple vs. Google Patent Case Ends with Apple Winning

It seems Apple has won all of these patent cases. They have won several against Samsung and now Apple vs. Google patent case ends in Apple’s favor. The main problem that caused this trial was Google claiming that the California based company has infringed a patent which was previously owned and filed by Motorola Mobility. The whole case was structured over the mobile-phone technology. According to the US Appeals Court that was appointed for bringing the decision, the Apple vs. Google patent case ended with Apple getting out of it as a winner.

The official ruling has been posted right after the case ended on the official website of the US Appeals Court. The whole case releases Apple of any possible disruption of US imports of Apple’s famous smartphone, iPhone. Motorola Mobility, through Google, has claimed that Apple has broken 6 patents that have already been in their possession in a case filled to the US International Trade Commission. The main patent in this appeal has involved the way to control the data delivery of their applications on every wireless device. The judge panel has included three judges and they brought a decision saying that Apple used a completely different technique for making this feature possible.

Apple vs. Google Patent Case

This case has started shortly after Google purchased Motorola back in 2012. Along with the purchase, Google has gained over 17,000 patents that Motorola has possessed before. The famous Android maker believed that it will use all of them to make their operative system better and stronger when competing with Apple’s iOS. Doing it on the court is the worst thing they could possibly do if you take that Apple has won all court appeals so far. The first planned strategy hasn’t brought any bigger changes to the Android and didn’t give any legal victory over Apple and other companies.

The patent that has been the main case was also asserted against Microsoft. According to Matt Kallman, Motorola’s spokesperson, Google felt really disappointed of this decision and now spends some time evaluating all of their options. Google can still ask for second review of all active judges in this court or it could go to the Supreme Court for hearing. On the other hand, Apple’s spokesperson, Kristin Huguet, said that Apple don’t have any comment on this.

Apple vs. Google patent case is just one of those indications that Apple has very strong lawyers working for them or they really do their stuff different than the others.

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