Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo: Leaked pictures and benchmarks surface

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo has now been pictured via internal promotional documents of the company in a leak. It would be thinner than the original Galaxy Note 3 and would come with faux leather back panel, which is the latest appearance addition to the Samsung Galaxy devices. This device could also be called as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite.

Talking about the processor, the device would be powered with a 1.7 GHz dual + 1.3 GHz quad core “Hexa” processor which we assume is being specially developed for midrange devices and not yet officially announced by Samsung. Not much has been said about the pricing and availability of the device yet. Tech enthusiasts are expecting Samsung to get an official word about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo at the MWC, which is going to be held next month.

galaxy note 3 back

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo cannot be actually called as a secret because information about it is getting leaked in the market everyday. Sammobile has now revealed the Antutu benchmark scores of the device. Also, a few pictures of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo have been leaked on various websites on the Internet, and they all show the device from almost all the angles. It could be said that the industry has forgotten how to keep a secret.

According to the leaked pictures, the appearance of the device isn’t going to bring much surprise to the people. It resembles the original Samsung Galaxy Note 3 very much. Camera setup is a little altered though. The microUSB 3.0 port in the original Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now replaced by microUSB 2.0 in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

galaxy note 3 antutu

The benchmarks have also revealed that the Hexa-core processor of the devices would have two powerful cores at its bay. It is expected that these two cores would be Cortex A-15 kind and would be clocked at a frequency of 1.3 GHz. The chipset would be Exynos 5260, but there is no official word about it. The Antutu benchmark also reveals that all the 6 cores would be able to work simultaneously and hence it is capable of Heterogeneous multi-processing (HMP).

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