Obama Administration Has No Comment on the Ban on Unlocking Smartphones

Sara Cunningham March 14, 2013 0

Most Smartphones are exclusively distributed by leading carriers not just in the United States, but in every carrier in the world. These phones are locked since it usually comes with a contract. Most of these contracts are locked in on the phone for usually two years. However, with high technology, a subscriber can simply have a locked mobile phone unlocked and use it freely. The Federal Communications Commission or FCC has considered the idea of putting a ban, a ban that will not allow cell phones to be unlocked. The FCC reasoned out that the rampant unlocking of phones can cause difficulties in the economy and competition in the market soon.

The commission has emphasized that unlocking Smartphones that are still within the contract is an illegal act. This was confirmed by the chairman of FCC, Julius Genachowski. The commission still doesn’t have any plans of lifting the ban but a certain department in the government might be able to do something about it. There are many citizens that opposed to the ban and are rallying their way out especially on the internet. The ban gained very negative feedbacks from the people in the United States.

Obama Administration Has No Comment on the Ban on Unlocking Smartphones

The very day the ban was implemented, many activists protested. Internet activists are the ones that are expressing their rights against the ban on unlocking Smartphones. They started signing petitions against the ban and flooded the official website of the administration. The Obama administration’s website, which is the “We the People,” was flooded with petition signatures. The activists gained a total of 100,000 signatures as a request to lift the ban the soonest possible time. The administration has never released any statement regarding the request of the petitioners. At the same time, until now there is no sign that the Obama administration will get in between.

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