Apple iPhone 6 might have a new optical image stabilization system for its camera

David Parker January 13, 2014 0
Apple iPhone 6 might have a new optical image stabilization system for its camera


Apple seems to be working on an optical image stabilization system for iPhone cameras as per the recent patent filed on behalf of the company. If things go as expected, the Apple iPhone 6 camera might have an improved OIS system that will help you capture much better pictures and videos.

This patent has made its way to the US Patents website and gives details of the development of a new camera stabilization mechanism called the “VCM OIS actuator module”. This module is aimed at improving blurriness and autofocus speed.

Future iPhones will now have the new “VCM OIS actuator module” that is configured to move the lens in directions orthogonal to the optical axis. This feature would compensate for the movement of hands while taking a photo or a video. The new system will provide a substantially simplified camera manufacturing process as the lens and the image sensor are now attached to one another making it a rigid body.

Speculations About Apple’s iPhone 6 Handset Device

We all know that until now Apple iPhones offered the best cameras despite that fact that they were still stuck at 8 megapixel sensors while the competitors were offering close to 13 megapixels. This seemed Ok initially but with the rivals coming up with new high resolution camera phones, the iPhones seemed to be lagging behind somewhere.

However one point is clear though with Apple giving good competition to high megapixel giants; it is not just about megapixels as long as you get other combinations like better lenses, bigger pixels and sensors and advanced image processing algorithms right.

Although everything seemed correct, the only thing that disappointed many iPhone users was its lack of OIS technology which brought with it better low light performance. Users can now relax knowing that Apple is indeed worried about OIS and is working towards bringing the technology on their iPhones.

Let’s hope that the new module helps Apple gain lost ground in terms of camera quality. At this stage it would be too early to comment how far Apple has advanced with this technology but we know for sure that that the company is working in the right direction.

What are you views on the new VCM OIS actuator module? Do write to us with your comments in the section provided below.

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