Windows 9 likely to be launched by April 2015, codenamed “Threshold”

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Windows 9 likely to be launched by April 2015, codenamed “Threshold”


Prior to Windows 8, all the versions of Microsoft Windows have seen huge success. But, the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 not only disappointed the customers, but the manufacturers and developers also. Finally, Microsoft has decided to make up for this failed operating system and create the next iteration of the Windows operating system codenamed “Threshold”, which they will likely launch as Windows 9 and hope that it will win the hearts of tech enthusiasts all around the world. Rumours suggest that this new operating system would be there in the tech market by April 2015.

Microsoft developers made Windows 8 as a truly re-designed form of what Windows operating system was earlier on. However, users did not like the new design as most of the features they loved were gone, especially the Start button. Hence, it is common to expect that Windows 9 would see the resurrection of the Start button. Further, the live tiles feature added to the Windows 8 didn’t appeal much to users. Microsoft Windows 9 would be a final chance for Microsoft to overcome the criticism that Microsoft Windows 8 has got from the users worldwide.

Talking about Windows 9, there would reportedly be a “Metro 2.0” feature. What this feature does is still unknown as nothing can be said for sure till Microsoft makes the official announcement. Also, there would be improvements in the MS apps, and it was necessary in its essence as the popularity of Android app store is increasing day by day.

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It is speculated that there would be three major selling points for Microsoft Windows 9. Rumours are there that Microsoft is losing out a lot to Apple in regard of personal computing and if Microsoft wants to regain its lost reputation, it must do something as soon as possible. It is also rumoured that Microsoft might give the Start button feature back to users early with the update of Windows 8.1, rather than delaying it for next April.

It is expected that Microsoft would make an official announcement of Windows 9 three months later this year at the Build 2014 developer conference, while the actual release would be followed up in April 2015.

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