Samsung Galaxy S5 may come with a new feature: Head Tracking

David Parker January 13, 2014 0


The eye-tracking technology belonged to the era of S4s. Now, with the release of a new era which would belong to the Samsung Galaxy S5, this would most likely herald the beginning of the head tracking feature. That means, not only your eyes or face would be detected, but your entire head’s position would be tracked by your smartphone. You would not only be able to use the smart stay and smart scroll feature on your smartphone, but also control your smartphone through nods and eye-brow movements.

This report came up when a patent application was published in Europe in which Samsung has explained about a methodology to control the device through the position of person’s head. The front facing camera of the smartphone would help in the purpose. Though there is no official announcement of this feature yet, but sources say that there is a very high possibility of this feature making it to the Galaxy S5. However, we should also keep in mind that publishing a patent full of an innovative idea doesn’t mean that it is going to be brought to market in a retail product very soon.

headtrack_galaxy s5

Samsung had filed this patent long ago in July 2013, which was immediately after the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 last year. So, it may be possible that this feature would be seen with the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Chances are there that this feature would have become a part of its R&D iteration cycle, which typically happens before new product launches.

If this turns out to be true, it would be especially beneficial in those situations when a user cannot touch his/her smartphone while he is wearing gloves, or when his hands are oily, or he might be eating something. It is not really clear how would this head tracking gesture recognition be much more beneficial to the users but for now we can assume that the smartphone might be controlled by a nod of the head, or eye movements (eye tracking feature was available in Samsung Galaxy S4 too) like winking etc.


For example, when a user moves his head to the left, it might work as a backspace command and when he moves his head to the right, it might play the next song in your playlist. If the technology gets further advanced, the device might also be controlled by eyebrow gestures too.

What are your thoughts about the same? Would a head tracking gesture appeal to you as a consumer? Do let us know your thoughts by writing to us in the comments section below.

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