First ready-to-use food printer Showcased at CES 2014

Jasmina Lozevska January 13, 2014 0
First ready-to-use food printer Showcased at CES 2014

Who’s up for a food printer? – I know many of you would say there will be no such thing that will replace the traditional preparing of food, but these printers are truly magnificent. Many of you who followed CES 2014 already know that the show was “crowded” with many sugar made sculptures. This was an indication of the newest technology invention that will come really soon. In near future, people will be able to taste 3-D food printing and it looks like this invention won’t be closely tied up to the tech enthusiasts and engineers. These sugar sculptures were courtesy of ChefJet Pro, which represents the first commercial food printer.

This printer looks like a regular oven and it makes the sugar sculpture by depositing sugar layers in a simple tray. After doing this, it melts all the parts which have been first intended for the sculpture by using water. Ink could be also added to the water in order the sugar sculpture to get that colorful flavor. This feature will attract the attention of those wedding cake makers who would definitely use a technology innovation like this for their purposes.

Did we mention that this printer has the ability to print chocolate?

Food printers

According to the company, this 3-D food printer is expected to hit the market in the second half of this year for about $100,000. There will be a second version for this printer and it will be the monochrome version, with a price tag of $50,000.

Last year, there were several companies of this kind at CES. This year, many 3-D printing companies have applied to be part of this show, but the organizers have been forced to turn them down because they couldn’t fit them all. There were only 30 companies which received allowance to be part of CES 2014 and showcase their next products.

According to the analyst for CEA, Shawn Dubravac, allowing 3-D printing to get into our lives means moving in a world where mass customization becomes a really big thing. Everything started with custom-printed T-Shirts and now it’s moving up the scale to the other industries. This is still a small field, but has a big perspective for becoming hard-to-avoid industry in near future. According to his calculations and optimistic expectations, approximately 100,000 3-D food printers will be sold this year. Even if this sounds too hard to believe in, it has a great pace for success.

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