BlackBerry to focus on keyboard based smartphones under new CEO

David Parker January 14, 2014 1
BlackBerry to focus on keyboard based smartphones under new CEO


Earlier in 2013, when it was decided that Blackberry would launch a new touchscreen based operating system dubbed BB10 OS, it was primarily due to the thought that touch-based smartphones appeal more to customers. But, unfortunately the plan did not work out.

The new CEO of BlackBerry John Chen has decided that rather than concentrating on a touch-screen based operating system, physical keyboard based smartphones should be focussed upon. He said in an interview to Jon Erlichman of Bloomberg Television at CES that physical keyboards are the roots of BlackBerry and should not be done away with. Chen said, “I personally love the keyboards.” This was a clear vision of what John Chen is thinking and the industry believes that he will definitely change the future of BlackBerry.

This new focus and direction is certainly hopeful for the company, as physical keyboards are BlackBerry’s historical strength. As you may be aware, the touchscreen based BlackBerry Z10 did not work well in the market and hence, the company has decided to go back and focus on their strengths. Well, this is the smartest thing a new CEO with a renewed vision could decide.

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According to Ewan Spence of Forbes, Blackberry does not want to fight with Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, but it definitely wants to compete with Microsoft’s Windows 8 and if BlackBerry acquires even 5% share in the gadget market, it would be a huge success for this year.

Although physical keyboards are not desired in today’s tech market, but such smartphones are still preferred by a small group of people. If BlackBerry does not see itself as a comparison to the iPhones and Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones and just deliver its products to those group of people who really admire BlackBerry, it could do good.

For this year, BlackBerry is clear about its goals, it does not need a big reputation in the market with conquering everything, of course that would be too hard to achieve, but if it points at the 5% market share, it can definitely achieve that. Corporate sales could be focussed on and the idea of physical keyboard should not be dropped now.

Would you prefer a touchscreen based BlackBerry smartphone or would you rather stick to a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard? Do let us know your preference in the comments section below.

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  1. sheldon  October 6, 2014 at 4:33 am - Reply

    I would prefer a smartphone with a physical keyboard. That way I don’t have to worry about the touchscreen failing or becoming unresponsive in a couple of years.

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