Twitter site gets Updated – Mobile View Improves

Jasmina Lozevska January 14, 2014 0
Twitter site gets Updated – Mobile View Improves

Twitter, the biggest social network after Facebook, continues to improve their site. Right after few security improvements, which have followed some security breaches, Twitter has decided to do something about their site. According to the official announcement, they have rolled out a new and refreshed website for matching the design of the mobile apps. We have received couple of speculations for this happening at the end of last year, but we placed them right in the rumor column. Many situations of this kind have showed us that every rumor has some truth in it and the same thing happened this time with Twitter.

This site has shared a picture with the followers saying that they are in the middle of rolling out a brand new and refreshed feel and look of the site that will be a pure reflection of their iOS and Android apps.

Twitter, through their official account, has explained to their users how to personalize their profile by going right into the settings of the page. The tweet from this account says “At the refreshed site you can personalize your Twitter profile with accent color”. They are always trying to give their customers a reason to stick to their site and give them the same experience, whether it’s the mobile version or the web site. Many users will like this change and put an end to the saying that the mobile version gives them better experience than the website itself.


According to the recent information posted by this social network, Twitter now has over 230 million active users per month. It added that their users have been sending more than 500 million tweets a day, which is a great achievement and it seems that the numbers went up since the last time we saw such report. When it comes to mobile users, Twitter claims 76% of all of their users are active through their mobile phones. It seems that this number could go up because the website now will have the look just like the mobile application.

We will see how the users will react on this change when it will be made official. I assume many of them will praise this move by their favorite social network.

Do you prefer using Twitter through your its mobile application or website?

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