T-Mobile Lets Loose of Lock-in Two Year Contracts

Sara Cunningham March 14, 2013 0

According to a report by Tmo, one of the largest carriers in the United States is changing its marketing strategy. The said company, which is T-Mobile, will cancel all existing contracts and stop offering subscriptions with contracts. The company will then move on to a no-contract marketing strategy to its customers. This confirmation was announced on Monday, the company is set to implement the new model come March 24. It also announced that existing subscribers need not to worry about the contract termination fees, since the company will not be charging them. This new model might be a strategy for the company to reach out to its customers and make its services more convenient for the citizens.

T-Mobile will also offer an installment plan which can be paid every month. The installment plan is available for customers who would like to purchase mobile devices with prices ranging from $25 to $30. Tmo also added that the company is set to focus on its LTE network and HSPA signal services. It also introduces a new campaign that is set to be related to the Dual 4G service. The old marketing tagline which says “Stick Together” will be dumped permanently and replaced very soon. There is also a possibility that Carly Foulkes, the current endorser will have to take a rest.

T-Mobile Lets Loose of Lock-in Two Year Contracts

Last year in December, the T-Mobile CEO, John Legere already confirmed that changes in the company’s campaigns will face a number of revisions as soon as its partnership with MetroPCS ends. He also mentioned that the two year lock in contracts with its subscribers will be eliminated. By this time, the users are allowed to get to choose their own plans and even have their existing phones use the carrier’s service without contracts. The company’s take on cancelling contracts gained many positive feedbacks from analysts in the United States. It appears that the company’s plan will turn out well.

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