Google Drive to Provide Developers with better Experience

Jasmina Lozevska January 18, 2014 0
Google Drive to Provide Developers with better Experience

Many developers still avoid using Google Drive. Many Android users haven’t even heard about Google Drive, which has been revealed as a cloud storage that was meant to compete with SkyDrive, iCloud, Dropbox and all those simple and small cloud storages out there. Let’s say you know this stuff and you are one of those users of this additional storage capacity which Google constructed for you. But, did you know that Google Drive can be used by Android developers in order to develop even better applications? – Today this thing becomes even better and easier.

Many of these Android developers, who have been using GD for developing applications, now have the chance to do the same thing, but on a much easier way. This update received many features, but one feature has caught developers’ eye. This feature is the transparent offline syncing which means that this cloud storage will be used as local storage. Yes you’ve heard well, Google has made it through to make their great Google Drave act as offline local storage.

What are the benefits?

Google Drive

Beside the fact that you are storing the huge amount of storage provided by Google Drive without feeling the need to spend or ask for additional phone storage, you will have something else. The API will atomically store your data locally until it finds enough reception to send it to Google Drive’s servers. This means that all of those Android app developers can design more capable, better and powerful application without carrying about uploading it to the servers. This means that the app user experience will be better, especially for those with cheaper and flagship smartphones. According to Google, these features will be able to work almost on all Android versions, so most of the users will feel the benefits.

As an addition to this, the API will be in tight integration with several Google Play Services in order to reduce the download size of the applications. This means faster download and less updates will be needed in future. It’s time for the developers to prove and show why they are called Android developers. They need to get everything going by learning how to manage through these new features and make the applications even better.

Our advice for the developers is to start learning the new process and get things going and start using these new benefits delivered by Google Drive.

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