Google Working on Smart Contact Lens Prototype

Jasmina Lozevska January 19, 2014 0
Google Working on Smart Contact Lens Prototype

After Google Glass, this company wants to grab bigger piece of the pie and get into the market with their Smart Contact Lens. If you thought that Google will finally stop with their creative minds, the developers seem they can’t get enough to satisfy customers’ needs. Your next question might be what will this smart contact lens will do and what will be the benefits it will offer. According to the source, Google is still working on the prototype and there isn’t much information which has been revealed. One thing is for sure though, wearable devices are becoming the future in technology.

Many questions have been asked as soon as Google revealed the Glass, such as how it will protect users’ data? What will be the security level in these glasses? How will Google handle this data and where it will store it? I can bet that the analysts and security authorities will ask the same questions as soon as this new wearable gadget hits the market. However, Google comes really prepared this time and according to company’s officials, this was the main theme on what Google spent most of the time discussing it. Lorenzo Hall, the chief technologist at the company, has briefed this information about working on Smart Contact Lens prototype on Thursday and revealed that Google will assure you that the data won’t be added to any of the company’s personal info banks which have been gathered from the other devices and services. He said that your personal data won’t have any connection with the servers in the company.

Smart Contact Lens

This smart contact lens, which was unveiled as a prototype, includes sensors which will measure the level of your glucose in tears. It features a small pinhole in the middle, which will let the tear fluid get through the glucose monitor in order to get you regular readings. At this time, they have managed to get a decent level of reading once per second. This lens will have an antenna, controller and capacitor which will enable the data transfer from the eye to the device where it’s analyzed and read. Its power will be coming from a wireless technology, which is widely known as RFID.

According to Hall, the company is really excited about the product and believes that everything will be considered and brought to perfect level before it’s released to the market.

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