Customizable Bluebird BM180 can run Windows Phone 8 or Android 4.2 on the same device

David Parker January 19, 2014 0
Customizable Bluebird BM180 can run Windows Phone 8 or Android 4.2 on the same device


A Korean company called BlueBird has announced a device that can run Android 4.2 or Windows Phone 8 on the same phone. After lots of rumors regarding Microsoft’s approval on a plan to allow consumers to put either Android or Windows Phone on handset, this device has made its way into the market.


Named as Bluebird BM180, it is one of the first devices to accept the similarity in hardware requirements between Android and Windows Phone. Earlier it was rumored that this device will be able to dual-boot both operating systems.

The phone doesn’t dual-boot Android and Windows Phone 8, but can be purchased with either of the system. In addition to this, Bluebird BM180 offers many customization options.

The handset can be customized in terms of RAM (1GB or 2 GB), storage (8GB or 16 GB), screen resolution (HD or Full HD), magnetic stripe card reader or contact-less card reader and a variety of other options. Additionally, it comes with 3000 mAh battery with an optional extended 4500 mAh battery.

Other specifications include a standard 8-megapixels rear camera and Cortex A15 processor, which cannot be customized. Other options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE and HSPA+ connectivity and a barcode scanner.

Company’s official announcement only mentions Windows Phone 8 operating system. However, ZDNet managed to get the official online brochure from Bluebird’s website before it was taken down. The brochure mentions Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as an optional OS for the phone.

Bluebird BM180 is aimed at businesses that want to use smartphones to handle tasks such as taking payments from credit card, and not for consumers. Company’s press release indicates that major retailers in the U.S. will purchase it for their employees.

It is not yet known why the company’s press release mentioned only Windows Embedded 8 Handheld while an online brochure from the company shows it could run Android as well.


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