HP Announces The Launch Of Small Voice Tablets

Jasmina Lozevska January 21, 2014 0
HP Announces The Launch Of Small Voice Tablets

HP is one of those companies that had great success with their computer devices. However, HP is still struggling when it comes to creating the perfect smartphone and tablet. This time, HP decided to introduce their latest gadgets – small voice tablets. This is HP’s first move towards the tablet industry after the webOS. The newest editions will be introduced under the name of HP Slate6 VoiceTab. The other one will be called HP Slate7 VoiceTab. Both will run on Android OS and designed on 3G onboard for the users so they can incorporate their tablets and phones into only one device.

According to the official source close to the company, these small tablets can be used on an Android smartphone. These tablets will also have quad-core processor chips. The internal storage will be 16GB, but the phones will include microSD slots that can be used for storage. They will come with dual-SIM feature and two HD cameras front and rear. In a recent interview, HP revealed its next devices – a 6-inch device with 720p resolution, while the other one will be a 7-inch model with 1280×800 display resolution. The back plate of both devices will be scratch-resistant and, as the company calls it, covered with premium pixilated finish.

Small Voice Tablets

It has been more than a year since the CEO of this company, Meg Whitman, has revealed that HP will put their efforts into making a better smartphone device and release several VoiceTabs. It seems that this is the first step that they are taking towards the future and hopefully, they will finally reach their previous goals.

It seems that both tablets will get into direct “fight” with the Galaxy Note series by Samsung and try to take over the throne when it comes to this industry. However, both tablets will not be available in America. Hopefully, they will be released in India next month. This company is well-known for being an extremely successful PC manufacturer. The newest hopes of the company are that they will become successful as tablets and smartphones manufacturers. The newest reports claim that both of their tablets will have a low-range or mid-range price.

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