Quick review on new gadgets by Adrian Weckler

Jasmina Lozevska January 21, 2014 0
Quick review on new gadgets by Adrian Weckler

What are the gadgets that represent our future? – This is the question we ask as soon as we think of technology. Adrian Weckler gave his review on the latest gadgets.

  • iPad Mini Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

There are tons of people who dislike using a keyboard when it comes to iPad Mini. It is mainly because keyboards are not that slick and don not look good while attached to your tiny Apple pad. However, if you take a look at the newest edition by Logitech you might change your opinion. The latest Logitech edition is the best you can get for your iPad Mini. Adrian Weckler said that this keyboard has a really nice design and the keys are almost perfect. It features shortcut keys which are built in the keyboard and does not double size your iPad like they usually would. It comes in various colors. It can be connected with your iPad Mini through Bluetooth.

Adrian Weckler

  • Panono 360 Camera

You just can’t get enough of your smartphone camera and want something that will make your photographs look better? – Meet the Panono 360 Camera. You can mount 36 different HR cameras and you can place them all facing different direction. The most interesting thing here is that you attach them to a ball and when you throw it up in the air, the ball will start snapping. The snapping will begin as soon as the ball reaches the highest point. All the images will be processed online. Trust me- Panono 360 Camera will give you the best 360 degree photo. If you are a fan of high-quality photography, you should consider purchasing this particular item.

  • Canon SX170

Adrian Weckler mentioned the latest novelty from the popular brand Canon. Compact cameras might not be that popular these days when you can purchase a 20-mpix camera. However, companies that are making the best standalone cameras are always here to leave us breathless. This is probably one of the simplest cameras money can buy. It features a 16-mpix shooter and a 16x zoom. The zoom option is much better than the zoom option that smartphones have. This affordable camera beats every smartphone you will see when you want to seize that one perfect moment. It snaps clear pictures of 28mm to 448mm, making it easy to take a picture of a person standing 50 yards away from you.


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