LG’s G Flex is hitting the European and American market

Jasmina Lozevska January 22, 2014 0
LG’s G Flex is hitting the European and American market

LG G Flex is finally coming to America and Europe. According to the latest reports coming from the source close to this South Korean company, LG will start selling this smartphone at 20 European markets. They will start selling the smartphone in Europe next month and after that, they will continue towards the United States. The speculations have been pointing out that the price of this smartphone will be around $300. Only AT&T is taking orders for G Flex phones, but you need to sign up for it and for their traditional 2-year contract when you take the phone. This source has said that everyone will have to sign a contract by the end of this month.

For those who don’t know, the unique G Flex smartphone has a fantastic design and it is a fully flexible product. The first country where these smartphones will be available is Italy. Italy is followed by Sweden, Austria, France, Germany and Britain. Each day, the smartphone will be hitting brand, new markets all around the world. The curved design of this smartphone is actually supposed to represent the next generation of comfort that will probably be the generation of perfect handset. According to LG, this curve will enable customers to get that great immersive viewing experience.

G Flex

Samsung has tried to compete with LG G Flex and released its own curved smartphone earlier, but most of their customers have not been impressed with this smartphone and the sales were really low.

When it comes to the smartphone industry, the display technology is moving fast towards getting those bendable and flexible panels which can be rolled or folded. All smartphone manufacturers want to reach the point where the interest of their customers will grow on a high level. They tend to include so many new features which might give you a feeling that these phones are overloaded with useless stuff. However, the G Flex smartphone could be a big hit with all those customers who want to have the newest cell phone edition by their favorite manufacturer, not having second thoughts about its price.

The LG G Flex smartphone has been revealed in October, but until now, it has been available for the Asian market only. At the start, it was only available in Korea, then in Hong Kong and at the after a while in Singapore, too.

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