Smart devices will not make game consoles less popular

Jasmina Lozevska January 23, 2014 1
Smart devices will not make game consoles less popular

If you had several doubts that game consoles could ever be replaced by the rise of the smartphones, this report will change your opinion. According to the newest statement released by Satoru Iwata, smart devices will not make these gaming consoles less popular. He might be right and if you take a look at the latest reports for the game consoles sales, you will be able to change your opinion. Whether you are a smartphone or tablet “fanatic”, gaming consoles have always been something special for passionate gamers.

We can’t argue that the popularity of tablets and mobile phones is rising with an enormous speed, but their popularity does not mean that the traditional game consoles will become “lost in translation”. Mr. Satoru Iwata said that Nintendo must do something in the near future in order to find the perfect way to incorporate smartphone and tablet use right into their consoles. This could nudge all the players towards various console versions preserving its long-term strategy while doing business at the same time. He also said that installing the popular Nintendo game, Mario, does not necessarily mean that it is an end of an era.

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The Nintendo president was defending his company saying that every long-term benefit Nintendo could reserve from releasing the next franchise on these mobile devices will not do the company any good. He was alluding on the risk of harming their policy of offering their great gaming brands on future Nintendo devices. He stated that good games out there will still be sold in hardware. However, he did mention that all gamers need something that will convince them to buy the game because there are more options for entertainment now than there were in the past.

This statement follows some sneak-peak information he gave last week. Iwata said that Nintendo is making plans about a brand new business structure which will focus on incorporating smart devices as a result of dismissing Wii U sales and some other financial projections. Before this surprising information, The Wall Street Journal pointed out that this game console has recently increased its development and research budget and it is aiming to make several changes that will really surprise gamers in the near future.

One thing is certain, though. True gamers that are passionate about playing games will never change their opinion about their favorite game console.

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