Apple promises to fix iOS 7 ‘White/Black screen of death’ soon

David Parker January 24, 2014 0
Apple promises to fix iOS 7 ‘White/Black screen of death’ soon


The ‘White/Black screen of death’ faced by many iPhone users with iOS 7 will soon receive a fix in a future update as reported by Apple.

We saw a complete overhaul of the operating system for iPhone with the release of iOS7 last year. The new operating system from Apple has so far received mixed feedback which have mostly been tilted towards the positive barring a few glitches. One such glitch that has plagued the users since its launch is the random rebooting of their iPhones after the users updated it to iOS7. The bug that abruptly reboots the smartphone will be updated in a future iOS7 update.

The reports started appearing on various social media platforms and discussion forums as soon as the first signs of the glitch began to appear. The bug seems to affect any iOS7-powered iPhone without any consistent pattern and the device reboots itself every time it crashes. Reports suggest that the colour of the boot up screen depends on the color of the iPhone. For example, a white iPhone produces a white boot screen with a black Apple logo and a black iPhone face throws up a black boot up screen with a white Apple logo.

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Many users have also reported that the iPhone shuts down unexpectedly every time the battery dips to 30% level while some have reported facing the glitch when they switch between apps.

Apple seems to be aware of the issue, their spokesperson Trudy Muller told MashableWe have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.

The upcoming update that would most likely come alongside iOS 7.1 will not only have the bug fix but also bring along with it some minor changes in UI and design.

There has been no word of confirmation from Apple regarding the release date for the iOS 7.1 software which is currently in its fourth developer beta but we expect it to be available soon.

We shall update you on 1OS7.1 in detail once it is released.

Have you faced the ‘white screen of death’ with your iPhone after updating it to iOS 7? Do write to us with your experience in the comments section provided below.

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