Motorola announces release of $50 Android smartphone

Jasmina Lozevska January 24, 2014 0
Motorola announces release of $50 Android smartphone

Motorola received a lot of attention because of its great smartphone Moto G that represents a fantastic smartphone that costs about $200. There are tons of people who are still indecisive whether to purchase this smartphone or look for a cheaper phone on the market. Motorola has come up with an idea to release a smartphone that will cover all emerging markets. There are hundreds of people who want a smartphone with proper wireless network, cellular connection, a strong battery that does not need to be charged every day and of course- good call quality. This company wanted to present all of these features to their customers. Therefore, they decided to launch a new smartphone that will cost $50.

This was brought up by the Motorola CEO, Denis Woodside, who said that this company is only “warming up”. In a recent interview, he said that there are plans for releasing a $50 handset in the near future while giving sneak-peak information on the future Moto Maker customization features. Spending that much money on new smartphones with a 2-year contract attached to them seems normal for some people here in the States. However, not everyone has the opportunity to buy an expensive phone. He said that there isn’t any particular reason why they made a decision to launch a new $50 smartphone.


Woodside used this opportunity to release some details about the Moto Maker website and Moto X.  While the customization tool is still in its trial period with several superficial details, the Motorola CEO has said that future phone options will extend the screen size and many other key features like the processor and they will also improve the phone’s battery life. He added that they are trying to maintain high quality phones. Woodside said that today, smartphones come in different shapes and different colors, but in most cases, there is lack of functionality. He stated that they will tend to incorporate everything in their new smartphone.

Some previous hints indicated many rumors about Motorola. It seems that Moto Maker will help Motorola build a new handset that will be custom-designed. It is still unclear whether this company will introduce some new customized options for the Moto X. Either way, we must say that Motorola fans are more than eager to see how the $50 smartphone and the other high-end smartphone will look like.

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