A quick review of this year’s tablet trends

Jasmina Lozevska January 25, 2014 1
A quick review of this year’s tablet trends

Experts said that they already know that the world will be taken over by tablets by 2017. People around the world are anticipating for this year’s technology novelties. Most people are generally interested in tablets. According to some early predictions, this year will be all about Windows tablets accompanied by 3G and 4G phablets. Phablets are unique devices that stand somewhere between smartphones and tablets. Android and iOS tablet developers will probably start to lose their share into the global market while Windows is expected to pick up the pace and rise up to the challenge. I know that this is hard to believe at this point, but that is what the latest research by IDC is showing.

The Android market share will drop to 60.7% which is not a big drop if you consider that the previous results showed 60.8% in 2013. The iOS based tablets are expected to have a bigger drop. Their population will probably drop from 1.9% to 33.1%. On the other hand, Windows could start climbing the ladder to 5.7% from the estimated 3.2% in 2013. The tablet trends will continue this year, but IDC did not exclude the possibility of setting up several new trends. According to IDC, an 8-inch tablet could become the best shipped tablet for education. According to previous rumors, the main goal of tablet companies is to take over the education system and upgrade it with tablets. Some of the tablets will feature the 4G and 3G connectivity instead having the simple Wi-Fi connection.

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The newest tablet trends IDC report shows that this year, the overall market will also rise to 270 million tablets. This will be a significant improvement. About 221 million tablets were shipped in 2013. Windows is expected to take a bigger pace and double up the calculated share for 2014 up to 10.2%. Android will drop to 58.8% and iOS will slide down to 30.6%.

This report has been based on the present situation with tablets that were launched last year. In general, the tablet market is constantly growing and tablets are becoming more accepted by customers. Windows will probably replace the traditional Windows PC computer with tablets in the near future. According to Tom Mainelli, an IDC analyst, the large business market in combination with the education system will start do develop more and more. The impact of tablets is becoming huge and according to that, the expectations of customers have risen significantly. The tablet industry is continuously growing. IDC represents one of those companies that are good in predicting what its customers would like to have in the future. Do you share the same opinion with IDC?

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  1. Emily  January 26, 2014 at 12:22 am - Reply

    I think IDC underestimated Windows tablets’ growth momentum. Based on Microsoft’s most recent quarterly earnings report, Surface revenue surged to $893 million from only $400 million.

    Note Microsoft has not even launched 8″ Surface yet. If you only look at 10″ tablet market, Windows 8 market share is already very high. If Microsoft launches 8″ Surface, it can easily double its shipping volume. With Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Toshiba and Panasonic all launching 8″ Windows 8 tablets, its market share will quickly surpass 10%. By 2017, its market share will surpass 30%.

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