Samsung KNOX: Your All-in-one App

Jasmina Lozevska March 6, 2013 0

At this year’s Mobile World Congress the Korean-based company has introduced new software that is supposed to set apart Samsung devices from other brands. The specific field in which Samsung tries to push their handsets is business security software. Let’s see what this is all about.

The new security software by the Korean handset manufacturer should promote Samsung devices as better business tools than Blackberry. The new app from Samsung, called KNOX, provides user with a top-notch security system for business information.

Once you install the app, you get to have an access to two different profiles: a personal and business one. Your personal mode will let you operate your phone as you normally do it, but when you switch to your business mode the phone requires a password and restricts the access to other networks or your personal stuff. However, switching from business to personal mode can be done easily and without a password.


Seems that Samsung has now focused on outshining Blackberry and we all know whose phones were chosen to be the best handsets for business use. Well, the South Korean company did not stand with its arms crossed and the KNOX app is the exact response we’ve been waiting for.

Samsung had the complete consumers’ attention on its smartphones, which made its flagship Galaxy S3 the top-seller for the past year. The company was clearly not satisfied with that and made efforts to establish its brand among businesses. Samsung says users will be completely protected from malware, will be able to have a great working experience and enjoy in total organization.

Samsung has also made some steps into advertising the business side of its handsets. A couple of commercials were broadcasted during the Oscars, which were focused on the handsets’ enterprise features. Will Samsung manage to accomplish its aim and how good KNOX actually is? We’ll find out soon.

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