Blizzard announces change of WoW’s character models

Jasmina Lozevska January 26, 2014 0

It seems that World of Warcraft’s developers have decided to change WoW’s character models. Blizzard stands behind this change and we will be able to see this new change when they launch Warlords of Draenor.  A slight change in characters is something that fans were waiting for a long, long time. A recent report showed that this change might need bigger system requirements. According to the community manager of this game, they do not know if the new game and characters will require a better system. Blizzard might face some problems if they do require a better system.

He added that they are not really sure what to think and they will not make any false predictions. They don’t want to say anything until the beta testing is over. They are aware of the new characters could require several changes. That could have a great impact on their clients. At the moment, he didn’t reveal further details on how they will keep the requirements on low-end systems, if that is even possible. Bashiok also said that they still use the same graphic cards and processors that have been released many years ago.

According to him, all modern systems are 50 times more powerful than the systems that they use for WoW. Moving further ahead means new graphic needs. Characters require testing, optimizing, and tweaking. They should determine whether this change is good for their system. However, he can’t say anything about this because they don’t know how fans will accept their latest edition.


Blizzard has announced this change in November. Spokesmen said that they will update about 8 of the original WoW races. Blood Elves and Dreanei will be changed with updated characters. In order to improve the graphic level, the creators of the brand, new WoW edition are taking further steps into increasing polygon counts on a higher level that will double the resolution of the texture, increase bone count. They even want to retouch every single animation that is included into this game.

Blizzard has revealed that one character has almost 180 animations. That is equal to almost 3600 animations per character. They are also working things out to incorporate rigging technology that has been introduced earlier. They will use it for every character in order to make the characters look even better. They want to create new characters that will show human facial expressions.


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