Ready-to-wear gadgets gain popularity

Jasmina Lozevska January 27, 2014 0
Ready-to-wear gadgets gain popularity

It seems that wearable gadgets are gaining huge popularity at the start of this year. Even some of the companies are trying to make new plans in order to start launching brand new wearable gadgets. These gadgets have recently become popular. We have already seen several companies making their debut on the wearable gadgets market. So far, several companies launched a wearable smart watch, smart-glasses, smart-cameras and wearable fitness gadgets. These gadgets are quite interesting and different from other gadgets that we use regularly. If you have an opportunity, you can try to incorporate them into your life.

Samsung has rushed to reveal their Galaxy Gear. Some people criticized Samsung’s Galaxy Gear because of its design. Apart from Samsung’s wearable gadget, we have seen other gadgets displayed at CES. Some of the companies have learned from Samsung’s mistakes and others just continued to follow the trend and kept on creating huge gadgets. Samsung’s smartwatches have tried to integrate with the most famous operating systems- iOS and Android.

When it comes to smart glasses, companies introduced their new gadgets at CES. Google started the newest trend when they have introduced the Google Glasses back in 2012. You have probably heard of all of the companies that have released these wearable gadgets and the only thing left for us to say is that these products are revolutionary products that will change the gadget industry. Just like smartwatches, smart glasses can also be connected with an iOS or an Android device, but you cannot use a lot of your phone’s features on the smart glasses.

Smart wearable cameras became a trend recently. Even though we got used to seeing people who are taking photos with their huge cameras on their neck, now we need to get used to people who are wearing cameras on their wrists or around their necks. Were you asking yourself whether “James Bond’s” equipment will become available? Well, now you have the answer in front of you.


People who go out and jog in the morning don’t like wearing their smartphones while they are running or lifting weights. It is really difficult to handle both things at once – they said. It’s important for you to have a gadget that will control your workout, pulse, blood pressure, etc. With the newest fitness gadgets revealed at CES, you can use your gadgets while jogging with no problems. Sony and LG have created bracelets, socks, fitness trackers, etc. These companies unveiled something that we’ve never seen before. They will help you track your physical activity, distance and your burned calories. They can even control your meals and tell you what you need to eat next.

The smart-world is becoming smarter.

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