Apple Mac Pro review: lots of performance in a small package

David January 29, 2014 4
Apple Mac Pro review: lots of performance in a small package

For the past few years, it looked like Apple was finished with the Mac Pro, continuing to iterate but not really changing the design. At WWDC, Phil Schiller shocked a few when he revealed the next generation of the Mac Pro, a slimline and modern high-performance machine.

It would not be till late October when we finally got to check out the specs, when Apple revealed the Mac Pro at their iPad event. The price range starts at $3,000 and can go all the way up to $18,000 with a Sharp 4K display.

We check out the quad-core CPU and dual-core GPU model, the one with the fastest clock speed at 3.7GHz but the lowest amount of raw power, still enough for most everyday users and professionals to get by on.


The Mac Pro has been completely reinvented, from what used to be a hunk of a workstation, filling up most of the space below your desk, Apple has slimmed it down to 1/8 of the size.


What used to be the workstation under the desk can now sit on the desk. Not only has the design changed in terms of size, the Mac Pro has turned from a big silver metal chunk to a small, sleek black aluminium cylinder.

Remarks will be made about how it looks a lot like a trash can and you will find quite a few similar images on Google, but we cannot say it looks bad, Apple has really knocked it out the park when it comes to making a minimalist machine.


This is where the Mac Pro gets exciting, no matter the changes on the design end, this workstation will always be valued more highly on the performance and features it brings to the table.

Apple has made a thermal core and built three boards on each side, with cooling going down the middle of the machine. It is an intriguing system and one that is built to make no noise and no excess heat.

Even on the lowest end Mac Pro, the performance is stellar. It beats the previous Mac Pro by a significant amount and can power almost every professional need without a worry.

To put into context the power of the Mac Pro, a user can plug in three 4K monitors, run video editing software, stream that to a class, all the while watching multiple 4K movies in the background.

The Intel Xeon processors are high-grade when it comes to professional applications, alongside 12GB of RAM (up to 64GB) to keep things running smooth and dual-AMD FirePro GPUs to make sure graphics is a breeze.

The PCI flash-based storage makes everything super quick, whether it is loading up applications or saving files. The change from HDD to flash is incredible, especially for professionals always saving their work.


We have found out the Mac Pro is customisable, even if there is not a lot of room to upgrade the components or add anything new to the system. Apple essentially wants you to add any storage externally and not make any changes to the machine, if you can help it.

This could be bad for anyone who wants to add additional components onto the system, possibly to make it more compatible with certain apps. The Mac Pro can handle almost anything thrown at it right now, but in five years that may be a different story.


The Mac Pro is the ultimate workstation. It has enough power for anyone who wants to work professionally and Apple has worked hard to offer the very best internals for the right consumers.

Portability is a big factor on the new Mac Pro, being able to travel and take one of the most powerful workstations in the world in your bag-pack is a big statement, one we are sure PC manufacturers will reflect on.

Customisation may be a problem in the long term, but as we have seen, the components are replaceable, even if there is a lack of space on the system for more components.

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