Nokia X coming with dual-core CPU and 4-inch display

David January 29, 2014 0
Nokia X coming with dual-core CPU and 4-inch display

The Nokia X or Normandy has had its fair share of leaks, almost as many as we seen with the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4, showing the real enthusiasm for an Android device from Nokia, even if it is low-end and offered to emerging markets.

Evleaks is once again at the helm of the leaks, revealing the specs for the Nokia X. The specifications include a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. This does conflict with previous rumors, saying Nokia will use the Snapdragon 200 processor, a quad-core chipset.


The Nokia X will have a 4.0-inch 800 x 480 pixel display, a 5MP rear camera, dual-SIM support and a 1,500mAh battery. To put this against another smartphone, the iPhone 4 specs are around the same as the Nokia X.

On the software side, it is reported the Nokia X will come running the latest version of Android KitKat 4.4.2. Nokia will be adding their own application store, although users will be able to side-load Android applications.

We believe Microsoft will add a few of their biggest applications onto the device, including Office for Android, Skype, OneDrive and Bing search. This may be great for more market penetration in emerging markets, but we wonder how many customers want an Android device without Google integration.

The Nokia X should come in six vibrant colors, similar to the Lumia line. Mobile World Congress looks like the event where Nokia will launch the Nokia X to the world, we wonder how many carriers and markets they manage to grab.

Android’s low-end market is heating up, today IDC announced 1 billion smartphone sales this year, pushed heavily by low-end Android smartphones. This could be a major reason for both Nokia and Microsoft wanting to get into the business.

They are not the only ones pushing for very cheap smartphones with impressive features, Motorola recently announced the Moto G, the $100 smartphone and has already started dropping prices in some markets.


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